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This biostimulant has magic abilities

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15 March 2021
Product User
Gardener - Charlotte Cunningham

Following a total garden renovation earlier in the year of 2020, I trialled Imperium Organics on my new raised bed plants. The plants were all perennials, including roses, delphiniums, and foxgloves, and were bought in as young plugs.

I used the biostimulant on both already-planted flowers and new plugs, as I added them in across the summer.

On the new plugs, before planting in the main bed, I soaked the root ball in a diluted biostimulant mix and it had fantastic results, helping the small plants get up and away much quicker than I expected.

Planting also coincided with an incredibly hot drought – one which I’d anticipated would cause major stress/even kill off some of the plants – but having pre-treated the beds with the biostimulant, it really seemed to prevent any signs of stress.

Using my existing knowledge of how biostimulants work, I knew that prevention would be better than cure in terms of protecting my plants, and this certainly was the case for this product.

The product was easy to use, easy to mix, and poured well onto the beds, providing a good coverage for quite a small amount of product.

I found the best results to be on my roses. The plants were very small prior to treatment but about 10-14 days after the first dose they went absolutely wild, and I’ve never seen so many blooms which also lasted an incredibly long time.

I applied the second treatment before we went away in the summer. The week we went away turned out to be the hottest week of the summer, and I was sure I’d be coming back to a completely dead garden, having not been watered for over a week, but to my surprise, it was thriving more than ever before, and that has to be down to the biostimulant. Protecting plants from stress seems to be where the product particularly shines.

I can’t say there are any weaknesses from my end. Obviously, this is the first year I’ve used it and I’d be interested to see if I have the same results in the spring/summer, but I’m pretty confident this biostimulant has magic abilities.

The only real difference I noticed compared to some of the shop-bought products I’ve used in the past is there’s definitely a smell with the biostimulant – not that that’s an issue, but might be worth flagging up in case anyone wonders why.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the results and would definitely recommend.

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