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15 March 2021
Product User
Garden enthusiast - Les Mountford

With conditions turning hot and stressful in the June of 2020 I was eager to put Imperium Organics to the test and it didn’t disappoint. Here in Suffolk our soils are very light, so the garden really suffers in the hot dry weather. I used it at a dose rate of 50ml in a 5 litre watering can on a weekly basis, applying it to the lawn, bedding plants and shrubs, including vegetables in raised beds.

All plants appeared more upright, even during the spell of hot weather and what was really noticeable, plants gained strength and coped better with the drier conditions. Plants were upright the next morning having only been watered during the previous late evening. I was very impressed.

Despite the dry conditions the lawn improved, and took on a greener appearance. The lawns are always difficult with the dryness in Suffolk but there was definite improvement in them, with discoloured areas greatly reduced and the overall appearance improved.

With the intense sunshine our Acer developed leaf burn and looked very sad, but after just one dose of Imperium Organics it started to produce new leaves and after two doses a remarkable recovery was underway. It went from strength to strength.

Our Agapanthers also developed marked improvement in strength as they lost their bend in the flower stem and there was a lot more flowering of plants in general, with more prolific buds and lasting longer in flower. Our Clematis flowered twice with prolific flowering I’d not seen before in all the years I’ve been gardening. Our Ziniaa reached over a metre high with loads of blooms and our vegetables improved greatly. The carrots and leaks were our real pride and joy which grew so much bigger in size and we were still eating them way into late November – much longer than usual.

Imperium Organics totally transformed our garden into a much more colourful setting, some plants that were previously looking very sad improved greatly.

With our light sandy soils, they don’t retain the moisture so we need to water often. Since using Imperium Organics our watering became less intense. Watering with Imperium Organics seemed sufficient to carry them through the day.

Imperium Organics is a much more superior product to anything we have used before in all my years of gardening. Its easy to use, easy to apply and a real all round garden performer that I’d definitely recommend.

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