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Can I use it on my lawn?

Yes you can use on your lawn and you will get good results.  Apply at a rate of 25ml in a standard 5 litre watering can.  Apply from March through to September avoiding frosts.

Can I use the product on my fruit and vegetables?

Yes, absolutely. Imperium Organics works exceptionally well if applied to fruit and vegetables as well as plants!  Its ideal for growing your own produce. You will see great results!  In fact you can use it all round your garden!

How far will a pack go?
  • 1 litre pack will make 40 applications (based on the recommended rate of 25ml in a standard 5 litre watering can)
  • 3 litre pack will make 120 applications
  • 5 litre pack will make 200 applications
  • 10 litre pack will make 400 applications

What happens if I apply the product neat to my plants?

Because the product is so very concentrated, if applied neat it may scorch the leaves (especially if its sunny). As soon as you've realised you've applied it neat, then water the plant as much as possible over the next few days.  This will encourage new growth for the plant to grow through and recover.

What happens if I apply more than the rate stated on the pack?

Over fertilising can lead to sudden growth - over application will not affect the plant. The fertiliser is full of goodness and will not cause any problems.

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