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What concentration should I use in a sprayer?

If you want to apply Imperium Organics through a hand held sprayer as opposed to a watering can, we would recommend using it at a rate of 2% e.g. 0.4 Litres in 20 Litres of water.

Is it supposed to be brown in colour?

Yes. Imperium Organics is 100% natural and derived from plant protein so it is inevitably greeny/brown due to all its green organic goodness

How long will an open pack last?

The peptides in Imperium Organics are very stable and therefore an open pack will last just as well as an unopened pack i.e. up to 4 years. The only threat to product stability is the potential risk of external contamination. We'd recommend using an open pack within 2 years and if the product has sat around for a while, give it a really good shake to get any natural goodness that has fallen to the bottom dispersed throughout the contents of the pack.

How long does a pack last unopened?

The product has a shelf life of 4 years

What happens if I apply more than the rate stated on the pack?

Over fertilising can lead to sudden growth - over application will not affect the plant. The fertiliser is full of goodness and will not cause any problems.

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