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I am so impressed with this product. I started using it on my roses and now the blooms are so much bigger and healthier. My sunflowers are growing tall and stronger than usual. It is versatile across my whole garden and I am loving the fantastic noticeable results. I will defiantly purchase again.

29 June 2021
Vreti Renesi

After using Imperium Organics on my garden planted strawberries in 2020, I was very pleasantly surprised at both the increased number and size of the fruit, plus the picking season was longer than in previous years. I will definitely be using this on all my fruit, veg and decorative plants this year, I can't recommend it enough.

18 May 2021
Elaine Carter

Best feed I have used in 60 years of gardening. I used Imperium Organics on my roses, clematis, pear tree, tomatoes and a variety of bedding plants in 2020. I generally applied it every 14-18 days but as conditions became more stressful I would go in a bit more frequently. Plants looked much healthier, and grew so much bigger. I had more flowers and fruit than I have ever experienced in the 60 years I’ve been gardening. The roses just kept flowering, as did the clematis. I had more pears compared to last and it was definitely down to Imperium Organics. It’s a very  impressive product and much better than anything I have ever used before, such as Tomerite or Miracle Gro. It was very fast acting. The results were very visual and I saw results virtually immediately. In my view it’s the best product on the market and I would definitely recommend using it throughout the growing season. Plants just seemed to recover from stress more quickly. I love the fact that it’s so natural, completely organic and made from plants. I’m very keen on nature - I feed the birds a lot and like to encourage insects into my garden, so knowing Imperium Organics was so natural gave me the peace of mind that I was applying a very safe product which wouldn’t harm the environment. I would definitely buy this product again.

18 May 2021
James Bryson

We used Imperium Organics in 2020 initially on our roses, and then the lawns, tomatoes and shrubs showing signs of stress. Plants became stronger, the lawn coped a lot better with the summer stress and they all greened up. Very happy with the quality of the product and was great to use on the lawn over granular fertiliser as its much safer. Very satisfied with the results and would certainly recommend for any plants and lawns needing help. All became green, healthier and stronger.

18 May 2021
Linda Mountford

Here is a product that does everything that it says. It makes the plants respond in many ways, blooms are bigger and more plentiful resulting in an outstanding show. During the cold and drought the plants are more capable and vigorous in response. The use of this product also strengthens the roots and as a result we have noticed exceptional larger blooms lasting longer during the summer months (excellent). This product also works wonderfully well on all Vegetables with increased crop size. The Imperium Organics can be used in the colder weather conditions which is major benefit, really looking forward to receiving more product. A very high quality feed & boost for all round garden use. It is really good for lawn use as a general feed. Would not hesitate to recommend and we are very satisfied customers having really put it through its paces in 2020. It really is a good all-rounder. Top marks cannot praise it enough.

18 May 2021
Alan Hynes

Used Imperium Organics last year on pots and general garden flowers with excellent results. Have used this year as well on container potatoes for a local competition and can already see the benefits.

18 May 2021
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