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We installed a new greenhouse in our garden last year and with so much more space to grow our own veg, I was really keen to give Imperium Organics a go and put it to the test – it didn’t disappoint!

I grew some tomato plants in grow bags and purple sprouting broccoli in tubs. Half I treated with a 2% solution of Imperium Organics every 3 days and half with just the same volume of water. I repeated this over a few weeks and kept an eye on the results.

There was an obvious benefit, with Imperium Organics  treated tomato and broccoli plants noticeably greener and bigger in size.

Untreated broccoli plants developed stress-like symptoms – a yellow tinge to the leaves – which we put down to the high temperature and UV light in the greenhouse, whereas there were no signs of this on the plants treated with Imperium Organics. It definitely seemed to help the veg cope better.

As temperatures became excessive in the greenhouse we moved the broccoli plants outside and unfortunately we lost the crop to deer in the garden, but I’m convinced we would have had more broccoli as we had a bountiful supply of tomatoes and can’t wait to use the Imperium Organics again this year.

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